20 of LOXAM’s european and international entities receive GREAT PLACE TO WORK® 2022 certification

Loxam, the European leader in equipment rental, is proud to announce that 20 of its entities in 19 countries have received the Great Place To Work® 2022 certification, which has rewarded the joint initiatives of the Group and its various entities for guaranteeing and maintaining the well-being of its employees.


Great Place To Work® is an international organization specializing in the study of human resources and, in particular, the quality of work life. Every year, this world-renowned organization evaluates more than 6,000 companies in 57 countries based on a Trust Index survey conducted among employees and an audit of managerial practices.


More than 7,000 employees (a participation rate of nearly 70%) responded to the Trust Index survey which included more than 70 questions covering the themes of credibility, respect and fairness between employees and managers; pride in belonging to the company; and conviviality in the workplace.

“For the first time, 20 entities of Loxam have been certified worldwide by Great Place to Work®. Congratulations, this is a clear consequence of the continuous efforts of the group, where people remain at the heart of its strategy” states Patrick Dumoulin, President of Great Place to Work® France.

It is a great honour to already have 20 entities certified GPTW by a trust survey conducted among its employees. This survey has also shown that there is still progress to be made. In this way, we would like to make it clear that this is only a single step in the journey that the Group will continue to undertake in the months and years to come” adds Nicolas Jonville, Loxam’s HR Director.