Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee is currently composed of 10 members, including the Chairman and the Managing Director. Our articles of association provide that the Strategy Committee may consist of up to 12 members who may or may not be shareholders and who are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Members of our Strategy Committee (other than the Chairman) are appointed for terms of three years by the ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

The Strategy Committee meets at least four times a year and is convened by the Chairman or the Managing Director. Its role is to assist and advise the Chairman on questions relating to our development strategy, finance, external growth transactions and the CSR policy. It hears the rapporteurs of specialist committees and may rule on any other question submitted to it by the Chairman. The members of the Strategy Committee can meet those of the Executive Committee in a seminar format. 

Stéphane Hénon

Managing Director

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of eight members: the Group Chairman, the Managing Director, the Executive Vice President France, the two CEOs of the international business units, the Group Chief Financial Officer and the Corporate Strategy and Development Director. Each member is in charge of a cross-Group function: CSR, social affairs, reporting, digital tech, among others. The Executive Committee meets every two months.
Gerard Déprez Loxam

Gérard Déprez

Président-Directeur Général

Stéphane Hénon

Managing Director

Olivier Grisez

Managing Director Generalist France

Philippe Simonnet

Managing Director Specialist France

Paul Rankin

Managing Director Nationwide Platforms

Erik Bengtsson

CEO of Ramirent Plc.

Patrick Bourmaud

Chief Financial Officer

Alice Hénault

Corporate Strategy and Development Manager

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee is currently composed of three members of the Strategy Committee, Jean Pierre Créange, Jean-Pierre Letartre and Olivier de la Morinière, independent directors (i.e., not shareholders or representatives of shareholders of Loxam SAS). The role of the Audit Committee is to examine the financial statements of the Group prior to their presentation to the Strategy Committee. The Audit Committee also examines the risks faced by the business and meets with the Group’s statutory auditors at least once per year. The Committee meets at least twice a year, with the Group’s CFO in attendance. 

Remuneration and Appointment Committee

The Remuneration and Appointment Committee oversees the remuneration and appointment of the Group’s senior executives. It meets at least once per year and is currently composed of four members: Jean-Pierre Créange, François Varagne, Olivier de la Morinière and Gérard Déprez. 

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of an independent member of the Strategy Committee (Olivier De la Morinière) and a Group ethics specialist. They meet at least once a year. The ethics specialist reports on any whistleblowing alerts received and how each of them was dealt with. The Ethics Committee reports to the Strategy Committee.