Loxam is proud to be the leading European company for professional equipment and tool hire, but even prouder to contribute to the creation of value at local, regional and national level. Over the years and throughout its development, the Group has become a true facilitator of responsible growth. Locally established through its network of branches, it participates in local economic growth by employing staff of all profiles and from all backgrounds, and by joining in with projects run by local players.

In this virtuous circle supported by a strategy of economic efficiency, LOXAM acts to extend its reach across all the communities and countries where the Group is established.

This is why today, more than ever before, we strongly believe in the importance of the motto “Commit today, for tomorrow”. It is through everyone’s commitment – employees, partners and more broadly all our stakeholders – that we will be able to rise to the social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. This initiative and the ambitions it entails are shared throughout all our geographies and by all our employees. Our desire is to spread them across our entire ecosystem.

This strategy will allow us, by 2025, to reinforce our positive impact on our three fundamental pillars, – people, the planet and society -, at three different levels, – for and with our employees, our partners and society at large.

Loxam RSE