Loxam - a responsible rental provider


Working alongside its clients, the LOXAM Group has always taken an interest in environmental, social and societal matters. These convictions have been solidly rooted in the Group's history since its inception and are expressed in the form of tangible commitments every day. At LOXAM, CSR is more than a reality: it's a priority.


Today, Corporate Social Responsibility is a term on everybody's lips. This virtuous approach which emerged in the 1960's was a given at LOXAM from day one. The very concept of renting is naturally connected to the notion of sustainability. In addition, the Group undertakes a number of initiatives to build a business which is more controlled, more respectful and more transparent. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in all Group entities, MASE (manual for improvement of company safety) certification for LOXAM POWER and LOXAM LEV and VCA certification in the Netherlands, as well as social and environmental management tools, all clearly demonstrate these convictions. This is RESPONSIBLE RENTAL; a beneficial approach for all, deployed by a CSR team.


LOXAM has an "environmental reflex": waste sorting, end-of-life machine recycling, reducing consumption of fossil fuels and water, etc. And the results are there to prove it: a 15% reduction in water consumption over two years; fuel savings of 7% in 2014; and the recycling of 2,011 tonnes of recoverable industrial waste, 129 tonnes of household waste and 26 tonnes of hazardous industrial waste in 2014. The Group's technical directives are very strict, with particular attention to combating waste, extending the lifespan of equipment, minimising noise pollution and dust emissions, etc.
Offloading fuel is also part of this ambition to reduce or eliminate the risks of pollution.


LOXAM is particularly committed to the way in which customers are considered and supported. The aim is to ensure their loyalty, but more than this, it is also a matter of vocation: informing users about the risks inherent to using the equipment and emphasising the importance of operating them properly is simply common-sense for the Group. LOXAM accompanies its customers so that they get the best use out of the equipment, with every rental.
Internally too, guidance is important. A rigorous training policy and the Group's own Training Centre, set up in 2008 in Bagneux, allow employees to gain a better understanding of their job and to move within the company. 40,950 hours were given over to training in 2014. Sharing experiences, maintaining healthy and friendly industrial relations and employee well-being are also the norm in a Group driven by a genuine human dimension.


CSR is also about complying with a certain way of approaching business. The flawless and respectful behaviour we expect from Group personnel is also valid for suppliers. They are required to respect certain essential values, in particular healthy and fair competition and professionalism on all accounts, especially in terms of reliability and safety.