Loxam’s extensive and varied range of equipment

With a total of over 220,000 machines, Loxam offers the most extensive product range on the European market. Its mission as a generalist rental provider is combined with a more targeted strategy to meet all requirements and satisfy the most specific demands thanks to support provided by its specialist networks.

As the leading European rental network, Loxam is also Europe’s largest buyer of equipment. This key position gives it preferential relationships with manufacturers, thus enabling it to optimise purchasing conditions, develop synergies, anticipate market trends and adapt certain types of equipment to the rental market.

In order to meet the growing demands of craftsmen and SMEs in the construction industry, Loxam Rental recently added “tool and small equipment corners” within its network, featuring products tailored specifically to businesses (sandblasters, hand tools, scaffolding, concrete mixers, heating, dehumidifiers, micro-excavators, thermal cameras etc.).

To ensure the highest quality and highly dependable equipment, the entire fleet undergoes systematic maintenance and inspection in accordance with the technical procedures which apply to every branch all of which are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.